Green Meadow

Home Repairs & Service

Our professional service technicians are capable of repairing and servicing any automatic lawn and shrub sprinkler system that you may have. We offer a 2 Hour Appointment Scheduling Window (ex: 8:00am-10:00am) to fit your busy schedule, so there is no more waiting around all day.

Our professional service technicians will listen to all of your concerns, needs, and questions, then analyize the issue with your system before providing you with their expert opinion on how to best resolve the situation.

If our technicians require to access the inside of your home or office, they are equipped with "shoe booties" in order to not track in any outside elements. Before the repairs are made, our technician will give you all the information and costs required to repair your irrigation system. Once you have provided your consent we will repair or replace all the necessary items that were affected to enure that your system can fuction properly.

At the end of your appointment you will receive a detailed report concerning the status of your automatic sprinkler system including an itemized repair list and all recommendations pertaining to your system. Repairs are essential to your property and so its our Primary Concern to do whatever it takes to elevate your situation.

Call us at 1-973-450-5900 to speak to one of our staff about scheduling your Repairs And Service appointment.

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