Green Meadow

Summer Inspection

Summer Inspection is a particular service that is performed during the months of July and August in order to verify that there have been no incidents that would compromise the popery operation of your Automatic Sprinkler System and to adjust the watering settings if the weather conditions have changed drastically. Some of the steps which are performed during the service process by the techinican and assistants will be:

  • We check the main line for leaks
  • We check each of the lateral lines for leaks.
  • We review each zone and all sprinkler heads for proper operation and coverage.
  • We check the controller and program a Summer watering settings if needed depending on the weather conditions.
  • We report all the repairs and costs associated with them to you.

Call us at 1-973-450-5900 to speak to one of our staff about scheduling a Summer Inspection Service.

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