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Winterization service

Winterization Service, or Fall Shutdown, is a particular service that is performed during the months of October and November in order to perpare (shutdown) your Sprinkler System for seasons end. This is a critical service to have performed on your system as if you do not this popery performed on your system then your system will sustain damage during the winter months. Some of the steps which are performed during the service process by the techinican and assistants will be:

  • As a valued customer, you will receive notification from Green Meadow, through the mail, to remind you that the Winterization, Fall Shutdown, is coming up and to call us to schedule an appointment.
  • We close the water source supplying the sprinkler system (only to the sprinkler system).
  • We execute a "Blow-Out" of the irrigation lines. This is done by sending Forced Compressed air through the system one zone at a time thus removing resisual water from the piping and sprinkler heads.
    **This is an important step as when the temperatue drops below freezing during the winter months the water would freeze in the piping and sprinkler heads causing them to expand and break.
  • We shutdown the controller for the Winter Season.

Call us at 1-973-450-5900 to speak to one of our staff about scheduling your Winterization Service.

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